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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


God I miss writing, its been a while. Quick update ! Its almost Noah's first birthday! Im so excited, i've been working on his invitations, and they are almost finished. I'll post the finished product in a couple of days. It's almost Halloween time as well, which means Mickey's Halloween Party. Ill post a quick blog of that when we take the trip as well. Other than those two exciting events coming up, and all the planning we have to do, we've pretty much just been busy with work, school, and the boys. Raising a toddler and a soon to be toddler, my goodness, does it take the energy out of you. Sometimes I feel like a dead zombie, but then I also see how fast its going, that I actually enjoy it. My babies are growing so fast, its crazy. See, for that I feel time is flying by, but for other stuff, I feel time is dragging. I guess that is how life works. Sometimes, it'll be the opposite of what you want it to be, we just have to make the best out of it. Be back soon.


Friday, March 8, 2013


I write freely on my blog. Don't over analyze, don't over think, don't quote me. I haven't felt the way I feel now in a very long time, very long time. For a moment, I had everything organized, good to go, I felt at peace but I started to notice certain things were bothering me. Certain things I needed to address, needed to speak up on, in order for me to be happy; and I did. I spoke up on a lot of different ideas, beliefs, opinions.....and I am happy. I feel at peace again and there is really not other greater feeling. Not everything might be settled or so great, but my feelings are and that is all that matters. My kids are growing, I watched and felt them grow inside me and now they're growing. Mason is running, making sense of things, and Noah is growing out of my arms. It's a bitter sweet feeling. I love seeing them become independent, even if its holding on to their own bottle, but it makes me sad that one day they won't need me entirely. One day I will see them making their own life, their own rules, but  I will try my hardest to lead them to the good direction of life. I will say it now, I probably won't be a perfect mother, I will make mistakes, but I will make sure my boys understand that it is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to mess up, as long as no harm is intended, and I will never intend harm to my boys.  I will teach them to respect views, beliefs, personalties, ideas, religions, people......because that is the beautiful thing about independence; to be free to be whatever you choose to be and to be respected for it. I love being around people who think differently than I do, because I learn new things, and I love being around people who think like me, because I can relate; but there is no better conversation than the ones you can have with someone with an open mind. I wanted to continue writing......but I like to write when I'm focused and right now, there is silence in my house, which means, my boys are in bed, and Ralph is probably dozing off as well. I would be a fool to not go enjoy this moment of peace and tranquility with my family. Good night ! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Las Vegas Bachelorette Weekend

This past weekend we ventured off to the famous Sin City. I swear this just isn't my type of scene anymore but for loved ones I will sacrifice a little get away. The moment I left Mason and Noah I cried, I haven't been away from them ever ! It was so hard, and I thought about them all day and night while I was gone. Although people would say " have a good time, they're well taken care of" "have fun, you deserve it", I just couldn't find that "fun" that "good time". I can leave my kids maybe for a few hours to keep myself sane, to get a little fresh air, but not for days. Anywho, now it is sounding like Vegas had me miserable, it was a good time, but never again, I think you get the picture. We left for my favoritest ( idc if that's not a word) cousin's bachelorette weekend, I swear that girl should have been one of my sisters, I love her ! Well, she is getting married, in April, which is around the corner, and I am getting nervous for her. I swear I can clearly remember when we used to say to each other, "ah the wedding is still 6 months away", now it is one month! Insane, how fast time flies by! Well, I don't mean to show off with my next comment, but I am maid of honor! Hmmm...hmmm! And I am the most detailed, want everything to go perfect type of girl. Well, I was a bit nervous for Vegas, I don't know the "party" "clubbing" type of life, but I tried my best and we had a great time. First night , we went to, can you guess? Bachelorette? Strip Club! It was .......interesting! I'll leave it at that. For the record, she did not get a strip show, and her wishes were honored. After, we went to XS Las Vegas Night Club, which was fun, good music, typical club , but it did end pretty bad. My cousin lost over $700.00, we do not know how her wallet was taken out of her bag or if it accidentally fell, but someone scored big. Her wallet was later turned in into the lost and found....with no money though. Which, I mean, yes it is a big deal, but thank fully it was nothing worse. We were in no hospital, we were good and safe, which to me matters most, money is replaceable. The next morning, my sister showed up ! Once she showed up, we did a little shopping, a little eating, and then that night we went to the Marquee. It was horrible walking to this club! We stayed at the Monte  Carlo Hotel. From the Monte Carlo we took the tram to the Bellagio. From the Bellagio though, we had to walk across the street to The Cosmopolitan.  My feet were killing me from the night before. I haven't dressed up or worn heels in over two years, so just picture me, if you're picturing me looking like a mess, you're correct. To top it off the wind was bad, I swear,  I was going to fall anytime, and just let the wind drag me. If we could've captured that moment, that would've been pretty awesome, but maybe it is a good thing we didn't, we probably would've gone viral on the internet. The Marquee was a fun night over all, I came back to the hotel a little earlier, because it was Saturday night, and I was tired, and I did want to pack up, and I am a mom lol. Sunday, I woke up happy, and I am sure we can all guess why?!  I was going to see my babies within a matter of hours. Ill just jump to the good part! I saw my babies, I was home, and I cried! I always cry! But I just love them so much! I swear Mason grew while I was gone, and my little Noah just got cuter. Vegas was good to me, but when I get married, I want a Spa and Champagne Party.

Xoxo- Kenia



Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

It's been busy these past couple of days ! I'm in between raising two boys, making family plans, visiting family, planning my maid of honor duties, work, school and just a whole mess of things. I'm pretty .... pretty good at staying calm and organized but just a couple of days ago I almost lost it. Seriously, thank god for Ralph that day.... I don't know what it was but he kept up with me and had so much patience with me that day. I must admit I was a wreck that day and kind of annoying. Sorry babe, if you read this, but don't try to use it against me either haha. This upcoming weekend we are leaving for the bachelorette party! I'm looking forward to it and I am super excited for my cousin but boy do I wish I was going on a vacation to sleep . I'm also going to suffer from separation anxiety from my boys. I'm so nervous about how that's going to turn out ! I'll post pics of my little get away adventure to come! Until next weekend !


Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Ralph

Happy 26 th birthday to my love, my best friend, the father of my beautiful children. I love you, I love where we are, what we've accomplished, and the more that's to come. Thank you for always wanting to give us the best and for loving us the way you do each day. The plan was to go out for dinner. Hmmm....let me just say one thing. With two kids, it gets a little out of control sometimes. We gotta go when they are literally starving so Mason can stay sitting down and Noah can stay drinking his milk. I don't let my kids get to the point of starving, so it wasnt going to work out. I decided to cook Ralph a home made meal, bake him a cake, and just relax. We are kind of over the whole lets dress up and have dinner at a fancy restaurant, we do do it once in a while, but we would take relaxing over anything. It actually worked out perfectly to stay home because my little " angel" totally wanted to sit down and have a family meal with us....I mean just look at the pic....can't u tell how excited he is. Exactly my point, this would've happen at a restaurant and I obviously can't get Mason off his high chair and let him run around the restaurant. We are planning to go out this weekend though, do some activities with the boys, get some fresh air. Next weekend, we are having a small cake and food for Ralph at our place, just close family and friends, I'm pretty excited for that. Well, just wanted to put a quick blog post up, haven't in a while, and today is a special day, so why not. Have a blessed weekend.


Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little Camera Crazy

First off I need to say that the boys have been going to bed at no later than 10:00pm. I think Ralph and I are getting pretty good! And it also gives us more time to talk and have even a couple of minutes of some quality time. A little add on, you can now call me Chef German, I've been a little more confident about cooking. I'm getting pretty good, not showing off haha. These past days I've been really inspired, and just focusing on things I want to make happen. One day one day....
This morning I was snapping pics of Mason and Noah, and you can just tell Noah wasn't having it. I just get a little camera crazy! Ralph got home with some donuts, now time to cuddle, turn the heater on, have some semi convos between commercials and go to bed.